The Vision

To be among the top five business schools in Asia

The Mission

We graduate students with relevant knowledge, skills, and leadership potential that make them the most sought after by employers in the region. We produce high quality research that is highly regarded by business scholars. We engage the community in valuable and enriching services.

Strategic Goals

1. Build an outstanding faculty body with proper representation of Saudis
2. Provide innovative and integrative learning experience to produce globally competitive graduates
3. Improve significantly the research output and quality
4. Provide value adding services to the community
5. Align structure and ensure responsive management systems
6. Enhance competitiveness through image and brand building

KFUPM Business School (K.B.S) will continue to lead the way for business education in the Kingdom, ensure that the curriculum remains relevant and current to the needs of stakeholders, incorporate ethics based on the tenets of Islam, forge links with the business community, and foster intellectual development of its faculty.