EMBA Admission Requirements

Admissions Schedule 2020


The applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible while considering the following:

  1. Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 31, 2020.
  2. Within one month once a complete application is received, the response will be sent to the applicants as follows:
  • -         Either an initial acceptance and specifying an interview date, or

  • -         Rejection  with reasons

  1. Personal interviews will be conducted with applicants (who passed the initial screening phase) during the months of February-April, 2020.
  2. Final acceptance/rejection letters will be sent during the months of June-July 2020.
  3. The academic program for the new batch will start at the end of August 2020.


Important Notes:

One can apply anytime of the year. However, please notice the following:

1.    Admissions are on annual basis.

2.    Processing applications will take place only during the admission cycle (usually from Jan to Apr), and

3.    If one misses the deadline for a specific admission cycle, his application will be automatically considered for the next admission cycle (if the applicant is still interested).


Successful candidates should possess at least the following:

1.    A BS degree from a recognized institution of higher education 

2.       Evidence of English proficiency.

3.       A minimum of 8 years work experience including 3 years at mid or upper level managerial positions 


Admission Application Procedure and Personal Interview

All candidates must submit an application form to the EMBA office. All applications must be supported by:

  1. BS degree certificate/diploma
  2. Official transcript of the BS degree
  3. Three letters of recommendation (recommenders should directly email the recommendation letters to: emba@kfupm.edu.sa (check the download section)
  4. Updated Resume/CV.
  5. Copy of national ID (for Saudi citizens) or Iqama (for non-Saudis).
  6. Copy of passport.
  7. Personal photo (New/Colored/High Quality).
  8. Acknowledgment/endorsement letter from the applicant's employer (if employed), which should clearly demonstrate the employer's understanding of the program demands and his willingness to support the applicant's admission and attendance of the EMBA program.


All applications will be evaluated and potential candidates will be invited for a personal interview. The interview is aimed at evaluating the candidate's personal attributes deemed necessary for success in the EMBA. These attributes include, among others, ambition, motivation, commitment, communication and interpersonal skills. 

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Contact Information

 For further inquiries, you may contact us:


Phone: (013) 860 1143

Email: emba@kfupm.edu.sa



Download Section

Click the following to download:


1.       EMBA Brochure

2.       EMBA Application Form

3.       Recommendation letter form



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